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Eight kinds of fruits should not be eaten on an empty stomach

01 1 The first one is a persimmon, because the persimmon contains a lot of magnesium. If you eat it on an empty stomach, it is easy to form a certain firmness in the body. It is not good for the body. The second food is banana. Originally, banana is the active stomach.
02 2 As the weather gets warmer, many people like to buy baked pears on the street. This is not good for the body. If you eat sweet potatoes on an empty stomach, it will stimulate the stomach wall of the body to secrete more stomach acid. This time
03 3 The fourth kind of fruit is hawthorn. If you eat it on an empty stomach, you will feel more hungry and some symptoms of stomach pain. I hope everyone can have a good understanding and understanding. The fifth fruit
04 In addition to the above-mentioned fruits, fruits such as sugar cane and peach can't be eaten when people are on an empty stomach. I won't give you a list here. I hope everyone can learn more about these common senses.