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Is eating meat healthy?

01 Excessive stewed meat is easy to cause cancer. Many people like to eat meat that is badly cooked. No matter what meat you eat, you feel that the roast is worse. Because it is in the meat at 200 °C ~ 300 °C.
02 Frying meat can cause cancer. Salted fish, bacon, sausage, ham and other foods, after frying and frying, will produce carcinogenic nitrosopyrolidine. The correct way to eat is: bacon, sausage, ham
03 Eating too much lean meat is not a good thing. Lean meat is something that many people like to eat, because it will not gain weight and ensure the intake of nutrients. But to eat lean meat should also grasp the degree. Lean meat is not necessarily a good thing.
04 Do not use hot water to soak pork. My mother used to use it. The pork that I just bought must be soaked in hot water. It is said that the pork is not too hygienic. In the market, there are things like flies and other things. Maybe later.