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The benefits and disadvantages of eating grapefruit

01 1 Now many elderly people are afraid of greasy diet, and their digestive function is not very good. If you eat grapefruit often, you can solve the problem of indigestion, and also improve your gastrointestinal function. People who have constipation will eat grapefruit.
02 2 Amateurs know that vitamin C and insulin-like are good for everyone's skin quality, and grapefruit contains these rich nutrients. If you eat grapefruit regularly, you will definitely have a better effect on your skin quality.
03 3 Although grapefruit can help a lot of people, it can also achieve the role of beauty, but if a female friend takes a contraceptive, then it is not recommended to eat grapefruit. Grapefruit will reduce the effect of contraceptives, and also for certain drugs.
04 Although grapefruit is good, it can't be eaten. In fact, grapefruit can't be eaten with certain medicines. Patients with hyperlipidemia are particularly attracted to the situation. If you don't pay attention, you may have some negative effects. You can't blindly eat too much.