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Food detoxification method

01 1 eat more fungi food. Common black fungus, mushrooms, mushrooms and other fungi. These fungi are rich in trace elements of selenium. Eat more of their dishes in the daily diet, can effectively reduce
02 2 Eat more mung beans. Mung beans is a delicious bean food. I believe many people have been drinking mung bean porridge, it can not only help our body to reduce fire, but also help us detoxification. Especially for hangover, lead poisoning, etc.
03 3 Eat more lotus root. Lotus root is crisp and delicious, it is delicious for many people. Eating lotus root can help me detoxify our body. Because lotus root has obvious diuretic effect, urinating can effectively remove the toxins from our body and follow the urine.
04 The above is the food detoxification method to share with you. Therefore, in addition to correcting bad habits in daily life, we must also pay attention to timely detoxification. This way our body is healthier and avoids toxins causing harm to our body. Hope