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The efficacy and effect of Pu'er cooked tea

01 1 Pu'er cooked tea has no side effects. Although Pu'er tea has the effect of losing weight, it is easy to hurt the stomach, but Pu'er cooked tea is not the same. Pu'er cooked tea can lower fat, lower blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent constipation, diuretic, raise
02 2 Pu'er cooked tea is rich in beneficial bacteria, does not stimulate the stomach, and can form an adhesive film on the surface of the stomach, which has beneficial protection to the stomach. Drinking often can improve the stomach and protect the stomach.
03 3 The main active ingredients of Pu'er cooked tea are kaffirin, lutein, tea brown pigment and vitamin C. Due to the action of microorganisms during processing, many substances are formed during the fermentation and ripening process, which improves the human body.
04 Note: Pu'er tea and Pu'er cooked tea are not the same. After the fermentation of cooked tea, under the action of enzymes, it can produce a lot of new nutrients, so on the basis of ordinary tea, it has more effects.