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What to eat after the flow of people

01 1 After the flow of people, it is best to eat some light meat and food that can tonify blood and blood to regulate the body. The effect is better, such as chicken soup, pork ribs soup, fish soup, pigeon soup or pig blood, pig liver and chicken blood.
02 2 women after the flow of people should pay attention to the diet, but also should maintain a good life, it is best to rest in bed for a period of time, not overworked, do not stay up late, and can not use cold water to wash your feet, so as not to avoid
03 3 Unmarried women must pay attention to contraceptive measures, because accidental pregnancy abortion not only causes great psychological damage to women, but also causes great harm to women's body and uterus. If there are many abortions, it affects the uterus.
04 After the flow of people, try to pay attention to rest, at least for a month, not too tired or stay up late, pay attention to healthy diet, do not eat raw onions, ginger, garlic and leek, etc., drink plenty of water and eat more fresh vegetables.