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What is the cause of stool black?

01 1 Eat more fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation, constipation, stool can not pull out, will stay in the intestines for a long time, time will be bad for the intestines, and even other diseases will come out, so we must ensure
02 2 More exercise, often go outdoors, make you feel good, exercise regularly, your body feels relaxed, your mood is happy, your blood will naturally circulate, and digestion will be good. Of course, the most important thing is to pull the stool.
03 3 In the daily life, pay more attention to the diet, eat more light and delicious. Get up early every morning to get up with a cup of boiled water, play a role in the stomach, you can also add some honey, but the water temperature is not too hot,
04 Pay attention to the cigarettes and alcohols during the blackening period, do not drink strong tea, cola, etc. In the usual time, pay attention to eating on time, not eating overeating, eating less spicy food, eating more light, drink more