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What to eat for the lungs is good

01 1 To talk about foods that are good for the lungs, everyone will first think of pears. This is good for lungs and coughs, but in addition to pears, the food for clearing the lungs is carrots, black fungus, soy milk, honey.
02 2 pear has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough. The Chuanbei Sydney pear lung soup made by the avocado is also very beneficial to the health of the lungs. At this time, it is only necessary to prepare the pig lungs for washing and then slicing, but it is in boiling water before use.
03 3 If you want lung health, you can also eat almond Sydney yam paste. You don't need much. You need to prepare almond, Sydney, yam, and yam rice noodles. First, soak the almonds in boiling water and wash them with soft skin.
04 There are still many foods that are good for lung health in life. In general, people who have the effect of moistening lungs and relieving cough can make a variety of soup diets. This will not only moisturize the lungs, but also increase the intake of other nutrients.