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What is the calcium supplement for the elderly?

01 1 First of all, we know that as people age, we are very likely to induce osteoporosis at this time, so we need to drink milk every day to replenish the calcium that is missing in the body. If there are conditions, we should drink fresh milk.
02 2 Secondly, if the elderly want to drink milk and timely supplement the calcium in the body, at this time, in the market, many merchants have produced milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people to supplement calcium supplements in order to meet the psychological needs of the elderly.
03 3 Finally, because the elderly are likely to have some diseases when they are old, such as diabetes, high blood lipids, so in our daily life, we can let the elderly drink some low-fat, low-sugar milk powder, and can also drink
04 When drinking milk powder for middle-aged and elderly people, we must pay special attention to adding some honey in it, so as to prevent the elderly from speeding up his gastrointestinal motility, and if there is no fresh milk, goat milk is also a good choice.