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Qualified lunch should meet four major standards

01 The first gold standard for good lunch: high-quality protein must be selected If you can guarantee a certain protein for lunch, you can keep your energy energetic throughout the afternoon, and it is also the main intake opportunity for one day of nutrition.
02 The second gold standard for good lunch: there can be no food for Chinese to eat with chopsticks, because China is a farming nation, chopsticks are more convenient to pick up the majority of grains and vegetables in food, the forks and forks commonly used by Europeans are obviously against meat.
03 The third gold standard for good lunch: Fruits and vegetables must have fruits and vegetables in addition to a variety of vitamins and trace elements, as well as a large amount of cellulose and pectin, which is indispensable, and lunch is also the most Chinese eat vegetables.
04 The fourth gold standard for a good lunch: calm and enjoyable mood Lunch is the most important opportunity for nutrition in a day, and eating a calm lunch is also the most important “spiritual supply” of the day.