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8 major hazards hidden in beverages

01 The more you drink, the more thirsty you have. Some experts have pointed out that carbonated beverages contain a lot of pigments, additives, preservatives, etc., which are not good for the body. These ingredients need a lot of water when they are metabolized in the body, and the cola contains
02 Leading to childhood obesity - children who especially like to drink beverages tend to be polarized in physical development: either chubby or very thin. Everyone knows that eating more sugar will make you fat. Carbonated drinks contain about 10 sugars.
03 Damaged teeth – soft drinks have clearly become one of the most important dietary sources of tooth decay. Acidic substances in soft drinks and acidic sugar by-products soften the enamel and promote the formation of cavities. If enamel
04 Causes kidney damage - The kidney is the most important excretory organ in the human body. Most of the harmful substances produced in the human body are excreted in the form of urine through the kidneys. Drinks often contain a lot of minerals, additives, pigments, and antisepsis.
05 Affects Digestion - Drinking too much carbonated beverages is not good for the stomach, but it also greatly affects digestion. Because a large amount of carbon dioxide inhibits the bacteria in the beverage, it also inhibits the beneficial bacteria in the human body, so digestion
06 Causes osteoporosis - the ingredients of carbonated drinks, especially cola, mostly contain phosphoric acid. Usually people don't care, but this kind of phosphoric acid will affect your bones subtly, and often drink carbonated drinks.
07 Influencing the absorption of nutrients – we know that all kinds of drinks on the market are almost full of sugar. When they are ingested into the human body, they will increase the blood sugar of the human body, which in turn will make the central nervous system of the human body feel full.
08 Risk of Diabetes – A survey of 91,294 women who followed for 8 years found that people who drank 1 or more sweet drinks a day had a doubling of the risk of developing diabetes more than one person who drank less than one month a month. And even