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Counting 10 essential foods for men's health

01 Tomato protection The prostate is suitable for eating some tomatoes. It is very beneficial for male friends' prostate. Lycopene can remove free radicals in the prostate and protect prostate tissue. This natural carotenoid is mainly found in tomatoes and watermelons.
02 Fresh jujubes to deal with high-pressure work, eat more fresh dates, can help us effectively prevent and treat high blood pressure, the effect is very good. Men have long been in high pressure because they play the role of bearers in work, family and society for a long time.
03 Oats are good for cardiovascular. Eating some oatmeal is very beneficial to our cardiovascular system. It can help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Men's endocrine metabolism is often destroyed, so they are more susceptible to high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases.
04 Soybeans prevent bone loss Appropriate eating of some soybeans can effectively help us prevent bone loss, which is very good for our bones. Many people know that soybeans have plant hormones that are good for women, but they do not know that soybeans are also for men.
05 Carrot Prevention Cancer The nutrients contained in carrots can help us prevent cancer. B-carotene will change into vitamin A in the body, improve the body's resistance, inhibit the active oxygen that causes cell deterioration, etc.
06 Garlic boosts immunity. Eating some garlic can help anti-inflammatory and sterilizing. It can also help to improve our immunity. Garlic has strong bactericidal power, so it can eliminate the bacteria invading the body. In addition, it can provide absorption and promotion of vitamin B1.
07 Eating deep sea fish with less stroke often eat some deep-sea fish, can effectively reduce the risk of suffering from a stroke, has a good effect. The pressure is also high, and the age of men suffering from hyperlipidemia and stroke is reduced. Deep sea fish
08 Broccoli, white radish and other cruciferous vegetables are rich in organic sulphide, which has always been a healthy model in vegetables. According to the latest report in the UK, cruciferous vegetables help prevent the spread of prostate cancer cells, raw or slightly
09 枸杞 is good for eye protection. It is a common health care product in life. Appropriate eating 枸杞 can also help us protect our eyes effectively. The scorpion is rich in beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium and iron.
10 arginine-rich foods such as soy products and peanuts, and arginine contained in peanuts are very helpful for male sexual function. Arginine is an essential component of sperm formation, which promotes nitric oxide in the body.