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Seven health benefits of jealous in winter

01 Sterilization and antisepsis. Sterilization and antiseptic is the \"hand\" ability of vinegar. In ancient China, there were records of \"when the epidemic was popular, the stone was steamed with vinegar, its steam was smoked, and the good can expel the epidemic of infection.\"
02 Eliminate fatigue. When the body ingests carbohydrates such as starch, it will be decomposed into glucose after digestion and absorption, and will enter the liver through the blood into hepatic sugar, and then transported to various parts of the body for combustion, which will be converted into heat.
03 digestion and treatment. For middle-aged and elderly people who lack stomach acid, vinegar helps digestion very well. People who eat too much meat and cause food stagnation can digest stagnation. Vinegar has such magical effect because of its main
04 Anti-aging and moisturizing skin. Vinegar can inhibit the formation of lipid peroxide during human aging, reduce skin pigmentation and age spots, and make skin smooth.
05 Reduce the incidence of stones. People who have jealous habits, the incidence of gallstones, kidney stones and bladder stones is lower than those who are not jealous.
06 can inhibit the rise of blood sugar. People with diabetes and high blood sugar, eat some vinegar every day, help regulate blood sugar. According to reports, in a small study, the subjects found a high glycemic index
07 Anti-cancer effect. Vinegar can decompose carcinogenic nitrite in pickles and pickled foods, so it can play a role in anti-cancer and anti-cancer.