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Eating has a great effect on fruit health

01 Kiwi, Citrus - Natural Influenza Vaccination. Kiwifruit, which is rich in autumn, is rich in heat, diuretic and anti-oxidant ingredients. It can enhance resistance, catch bacteria and cold viruses, and enhance cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions. Citrus can also prevent colds.
02 Carambola, pineapple, dragon fruit - fast digestive agent. It is inevitable to eat and drink when you are entertaining, it is easy to cause indigestion. After the entertainment, you can slice the carambola and eat it with salt. Carambola is rich in vitamin C, which can promote food digestion.
03 longan, apple - brain activator. Apple has the \"memory fruit\
04 Banana, strawberry, hawthorn - vascular umbrella. Banana contains potassium ions to lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular disease. Strawberry contains pectin and antioxidants, which can prevent arteriosclerosis. Hawthorn has the effect of digestion and phlegm, which can reduce cholesterol.
05 Mulberry, grape - blood supplement. Purple mulberry can qi and blood, nourish the eyes, black hair anti-aging, can make people have a good color, people with bad colors can eat, but usually have to eat for a month or two