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Do you know how to clean fruit is the cleanest?

01 Cleaning Grapes The surface of the grapes often has hoarfrost. Put the grapes in the water, then put two spoonfuls of flour or starch. Don't try to lick it. Just pour it back and forth, then rinse it back and forth in the water, flour and starch.
02 Cleaning the surface of the bayberry bayberry is not easy to clean. After cleaning the bayberry, it must be soaked in salt water for 20-30 minutes before it is eaten. Because the salt water has the effect of killing some germs, it can also help remove the parasites hidden in the pulp of bayberry.
03 Cleaning Strawberry The surface of the strawberry is uneven, the skin is very thin, and it will be damaged with a little force. So many people don't know how to wash it. Some people simply don't wash it. Some people often eat unclean strawberries.
04 Cleaning the surface of apples and apples has a lot of chemicals. The correct cleaning method is to soak the apples in water, put a little salt on the skin, and then gently rub the apples back and forth with both hands, so that the dirty things on the surface will soon be able to lick.