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What are the benefits of regular porridge?

01 Easy to digest White rice cooking temperature over 60 degrees Celsius will produce gelatinization effect, boiled soft cooked porridge entrance is instant, very easy to digest after the lower belly, very suitable for people with stomach upset.
02 Enhance appetite, add physical strength When you are sick, your appetite is weak. Clear porridge with some bright and appetizing things can not only promote appetite, but also add strength to weak patients.
03 Prevent constipation Porridge contains a lot of water. Drink porridge on weekdays. In addition to hunger, it can also add moisture to the body, effectively preventing constipation.
04 Prevention of colds When it is cold, get up early in the morning and drink a bowl of hot porridge, which can help keep warm, increase your body's ability to keep out the cold, and prevent colds.
05 Preventing dry throat. For those who have discomfort in the throat and speak pain, warm porridge can moisturize the throat and relieve discomfort.
06 nursed the stomach and stomach patients with weak stomach function or ulcers, should eat less meals and chew slowly on weekdays, it is suitable for drinking porridge to regulate the stomach.
07 Yannian longevity porridge can prolong life, grains and grains are cooked into porridge, which contains richer nutrients and dietary fiber. For elderly or loose teeth or patients, drinking porridge can prevent minor illnesses, and it is the best for health care.