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9 adults do not know how to eat eggs coup

01 Use the bowl or the edge of the cooktop to break the egg. Choose a clean cooktop and other flat surfaces (not the side of the bowl) to break the egg, which can prevent the broken eggshell from falling into the bowl, causing pollution, and avoiding the broken eggshell.
02 boiled eggs in boiled water. Try not to put the eggs into boiling water to cook, otherwise it will not only cause the eggshell to rupture, the egg liquid will flow out, and it will easily burn your fingers. The correct way is to keep the eggs cold under the water, slowly heat up, boil after cooking.
03 After the cooked eggs are naturally cooled, they are peeled off. This is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also easy to leave the protein on the eggshell, causing waste. It saves time and effort and does not waste the practice of putting the cooked eggs out immediately after they are fished out.
04 Scrambled eggs in the fire. It is easy to fry the eggs and make the taste hard. The scrambled eggs are best stir-fried with medium and low-grade fire, so that the fried eggs will not be old and the taste will be smoother.
05 Stir in front of the omelette. Stir the egg cake with a hard taste. Stir the egg liquid without using too much strength. If you add some water or cream when stirring, the fried egg cake is not easy to paste.