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The efficacy and taboo of chrysanthemum tea

01 Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for a healthy adult to eat about 20 grams of lice per day. If you want to have a therapeutic effect, you can eat about 30 grams a day. When picking a scorpion, choose those big, red, and thick.
02 Deficiency of cold people will have the disadvantage of slipping off and diarrhea, and there is internal heat and caution. Some people eat too much to cause redness and discomfort, and their vision is blurred. So, the donkey can't eat often.
03 For cockroaches, people's understanding may just stop at it can make up the kidney and strengthen the yang. There is not much understanding about other things. In fact, 枸杞 does have a good health effect, but at the same time it may bring some side effects.
04 People with yin deficiency are prone to get angry. In the summer, people with yin deficiency should pay attention to the amount of sputum. Because it is sweet, mild, excessive use can cause fire, especially when eating raw.