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Pregnancy mother's recipe practice in the third trimester

01 The recipe for alleviating edema in the third trimester of pregnant mothers is purse squid. Because the squid tastes delicious, the meat is tender and tender, and the pregnant mothers with the most gestational edema have certain effects. The material of the poached squid is: 350 grams of squid, pork lean meat
02 The practice of pursed squid is about two steps. The first step is to sort out the squid, remove the squid from the squid, wash it, and make a few holes in the fish to facilitate the taste. Then treat the lean pork. Cut the lean pork.
03 The practice of pursed squid The second step is to put the processed fish down on the frying pan, fry the golden brown on both sides, then add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar and water. Finally, cover the lid and burn for 20 minutes. Then you can