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What kinds of foods can be shabu-shabu?

01 Put some tofu in the right amount: Some tofu contains gypsum, and the tofu is properly placed in the hot pot, which not only can supplement the intake of various trace elements, but also can play the role of gypsum heat, purging fire, removing trouble and quenching thirst.
02 When you eat hot pot, you should order a sweet potato: We all know that meat is acidic food, and sweet potato is alkaline food. Both of them can be neutralized by acid and alkali in the stomach, so as to keep our body in acid-base balance.
03 More vegetables can be placed in the pot: vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll, which are mostly cold and cold, not only can eliminate greasy, supplement the lack of vitamins in winter, but also cool, detoxification and bonfire.
04 Can add some white lotus: White lotus is not only rich in a variety of nutrients, but also a good medicine for the body tonic.
05 To put some ginger: ginger can be seasoned, cold-resistant, hot pot should be placed in the peeled ginger, because the ginger skin is cool, there is the role of scattered fire to remove heat.
06 Yogurt: In addition, after eating the hot pot, you can drink some fermented yogurt. Yogurt can not only protect the gastric mucosa, but also promote digestion.