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Jujube health needs to pay attention to match

01 Not suitable for consumption with cucumber or radish: radish will have ascorbate, cucumber contains vitamin decomposing enzyme, both ingredients can destroy vitamins in other foods.
02 It is not suitable to eat with animal liver at the same time: the liver of the animal is rich in elements such as copper and iron. Copper and iron ions can easily oxidize the vitamins contained in other foods and lose their effect.
03 It is not suitable to eat with vitamins at the same time: the vitamins in the jujube can decompose and destroy vitamin K, so that the therapeutic effect is reduced.
04 When taking antipyretics, it is forbidden to eat: taking antipyretic drugs while eating foods with high sugar content is easy to form insoluble complex, reducing the initial absorption rate. Jujube is a food with high sugar content, so it is forbidden to eat.
05 should not be eaten when taking bitters and stomach medicines: bitterness and phlegm and blood stasis medicines rely on the bitterness of drugs to stimulate the taste organs, and reflexively increase the excitability of food to the center to help digestion and promotion.