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The role and nutritional efficacy of tomatoes

01 Jianweixiaoshi, Shengjinzhike, Runchang Tongcao tomato contains malic acid, citric acid and other organic acids, can promote gastric secretion, digestion of fat and protein. Increase gastric acid concentration, adjust gastrointestinal function, help the gastrointestinal
02 Clearing away heat and detoxifying Tomatoes have a cool and sweet taste. They have the effect of clearing away heat, promoting yin and cooling blood. They have a good therapeutic effect on fever, polydipsia, dry mouth, bleeding gums, stomach heat and bitterness, and false fire.
03 Anti-aging lycopene is not only an important natural food coloring agent in today's industry, but also a strong antioxidant. It can supplement the body with lycopene, which can help the body resist various degenerative diseases caused by free radicals.
04 Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease The degenerative effect of free radicals is the number one cause of cardiovascular disease. Lycopene is effective in reducing and preventing cardiovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases due to its strong antioxidant effect.