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People who are cold should eat these foods

01 Most people with cold blood in American ginseng are accompanied by poor blood circulation. Therefore, in daily eating and drinking, you should try to eat more foods with qi effect. For example, American ginseng, it not only has the effect of qi, but also
02 Sesame, peanut and sesame peanut food is also an essential food for this group of people. In sesame and peanuts, it contains a lot of vitamin E and various nutrients, and it can also promote the body's vitamin B.
03 Onions, peppers Some foods that can help the body to produce calories are absolutely essential. Therefore, for people with cold body to eat anything, you may want to add these foods, such as onions, peppers, etc., these foods can not only help the body produce enough
04 People with cold meat will have decreased resistance due to lack of blood. Therefore, in daily diet, you should eat more foods that improve the body's resistance. For example, some contain high protein and high calories.