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Drinking three red soups in winter with cold hands and feet

01 The weather turned cold, and many female friends’ cold hands and feet were committed. In this issue, we recommend a three-red warm-up soup made from red beans, brown sugar and red dates.
02 Red bean is flat, has the effect of spleen and diuresis, clearing heat and dehumidification, reducing swelling and detoxification. Women are especially suitable for eating red beans, because it is rich in iron and has the effect of enriching blood. The brown sugar is warm into the spleen and has the effect of nourishing Qi and spleen.
03 The specific method is 250 grams of red beans, 15~20 red dates, and the amount of brown sugar. Wash the red beans, pick out the impurities, soak for two hours. Wash the red dates, go to the core. Put the red dates and red beans in the pot, add about 600 ml.
04 If the weather is getting cold, you will also suffer from cold problems in your hands and feet. Try the three red soup recommended by the health diet experts above, because red beans, brown sugar, and red dates can be good for women.