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The secret of health care for the world's longest-lived couple

01 According to the British \"Daily Mail\" report, the British centenarian Karam Chand and his wife Katari Chand have been married for 89 years and are the longest married couple in the world.
02 Their son, Paul Chand, is very proud of his parents’ marriage for nearly a century. He believes that the secret to keeping parents happy is the worry of living in the past 20 years.
03 Mr. Changde said that the secret of his longevity is that he never deliberately limits his enjoyment of life. He wants to eat whatever he wants, but he should eat it. He will smoke one cigarette a day before dinner, three or four times a week.
04 Ms. Changde also said that the diet of the two of them has been very healthy. There is nothing artificially processed like ghee. Milk and fresh yogurt are their favorite food. She also believes that the secret to maintaining a happy marriage is harmony.