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What to eat too much stomach acid

01 Excessive stomach acid should eat foods containing alkali ingredients: such as milk, blood, soy sauce, spinach, rape, cabbage and other fresh vegetables and fruits; and eat less acid-containing foods, such as beans, peanuts, vinegar, oils and fats, etc.
02 too much stomach acid should be based on pasta, pasta can dilute stomach acid, and the alkali can neutralize stomach acid: soy milk, porridge, etc., can dilute stomach acid, protect gastric mucosa
03 Eat low-fat, low-sugar foods, while high-fat and sweets can cause an increase in gastric acid secretion: avoid the intake of spices that stimulate the increase of stomach acid, such as pepper, coffee, mustard.
04 Regular meals, snacks can stimulate the increase of gastric acid; not too full, so as not to stimulate the gastric antrum to increase gastric acid secretion.