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Don't eat after spring sports. It's best to stay away from high-calorie foods.

Suitable for 3 sports in spring
After a cold winter, the functions of various organs of the body, including muscle function, are at a lower level. Starting fitness activities in the spring can lay a good foundation for one year of physical exercise and physical health. However, it is also reminded that spring fitness
Go fast
In the early days of spring, walking fast is a good choice. For those who usually lack exercise, it is not scientific to start running, it is easy to impact on the knee joint. Quick walk is different in the air.
Tip: Prepare cold-proof clothing, comfortable shoes, do a moderate extension and flexion exercise, after 5 minutes of walking, you can speed up the pace. People who walk faster, about 120-130 steps per minute.
Riding on this kind of bicycle that relies on physical strength to walk through the beautiful scenery like a scroll, I can't help but feel very happy. I feel that this is not only a kind of fitness exercise, but also a kind of pleasure of soul exile. People's hands and feet
Tip: The free cycling method is not limited to time and strength, mainly to alleviate the physical and mental fatigue caused by the pressure of life; the intensity cycling method can stipulate how many kilometers per hour and how many times per hour, can effectively strengthen the pairing
Mountaineering is an excellent aerobic exercise. The mountains are rich in vegetation, fresh in air, and full of negative oxygen ions. While exercising, they can help people relieve stress.
According to research data, there are only 40 to 50 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air in a typical urban family living room, and there are only 100 to 200 outdoor air in the city, and more than 20,000 air in the forest and seashore.
Reminder: Take control of your mouth after exercise
Of course, in addition to the above three sports, you can also run, punch, and exercise. It is important to note that the diet after exercise can not be ignored. It is best not to eat high-calorie foods, which can easily increase the burden on the body and even lead to obesity.
Do not drink soda and juice drinks
First of all, soda should be banned whenever and wherever, especially after exercise. Soda water contains a lot of monosaccharides, which have no nutritional value, and even worse, the sugar content of a can of soda.
Don't eat donuts and pastries
This type of food can be on the list without any suspense. The doughnuts and most of the pastry foods are filled with highly saturated fat. The only effect of these fats entering the body is to block the arteries. They are a little busy helping the body recover energy.
Avoid eating pancakes
Anyone who has tried the pancake must have been captured by its soft and sweet taste. But look at the ingredients of the pancakes - fine white flour, butter, syrup, powdered sugar, which will make your body's blood sugar in an hour.
The right choice: it should be fruit, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, buckwheat, nuts and other healthy foods.
Away from french fries
French fries can be called down-to-earth junk food, with a lot of saturated fat, starch, and protein content. Your body can't benefit from the French fries at all. The only thing that appeals to you is its crispy taste. Here