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Precautions for eating durian

Durian is the king of fruits. It is a common fruit in our daily life. Many people like to eat durian. Because durian is rich in nutrients, it has certain benefits for the improvement of human body resistance, and the taste of durian is
The reason why durian is called the king of fruit is because durian has rich nutrients. It is the fruit with the highest content of vitamins and trace elements in fruits, so eating some durians properly can supplement the traces that the human body lacks.
Durian has a certain effect on promoting blood circulation and dispelling cold. Regular eating durian can also improve the body's resistance. It can prevent and treat many diseases. Durian also has certain effects on qi and aphrodisiac. It can be eaten properly for male friends.
Although durian is a kind of better fruit, it must pay attention to many aspects in the process of eating durian. Durian can not be used together with alcohol. In the process of eating durian, it must be properly used, not too much, too much.
I have talked about the benefits of eating durian and taboos. In fact, durian is a better fruit. It is good for the body to eat properly, but don't eat too much.