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Goggles to identify liver cancer drugs and health products

Many people who have cancer sufferers will pay more attention to the treatment of cancer diseases. Many drugs on the market now have certain health effects. The treatment of liver cancer and other diseases is not good, but there are some advertisements.
Many people suffer from diseases such as liver cancer, and they feel very distressed. They want to treat diseases through various methods, so they will misunderstand some advertisements and exaggerate publicity. They think that eating some health care products can help treat diseases.
Under normal circumstances, health care products have a certain preventive effect on diseases, and can play a certain role in enhancing immunity, but health care products do not have some medicinal value. If you suffer from diseases such as liver cancer, eat health care.
Nowadays, cancer is already a disease that is difficult to cure in medicine. This disease cannot be completely cured by some high-tech medical standards, not to mention that some health care products are impossible to treat diseases such as cancer.
I have talked about it above. I have recognized the liver cancer drugs and health care products. In fact, the trademarks on health products and medicines are different. The general health products are some health foods.