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01 “Remaining” rice Many people avoid eating waste and heat the leftovers before eating. But the study found that it is difficult to digest after the leftovers are heated. It may cause stomach problems after a long time. Because the main ingredient of rice is starch, starch is in
02 Processing of meat Swedish scientists say that eating too much processed meat, such as bacon, sausage, and bacon, increases the risk of stomach cancer. They evaluated the results of 15 studies and found that meat products are processed every day.
03 Fast foods in fast food fast foods are crisp and hard. If hard foods are swallowed in the stomach without chewing, the stomach is squirming and makes food contact with the gastric mucosa.
04 Green tea for hangover In general, people generally think that drinking green tea after drinking can hangover. In fact, drinking green tea together with wine will hurt the body. It is still mild to get gastritis. Seriously, it may also have stomach ulcers. Because of green tea