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How do yam eat kidneys best?

In life, whether it is male or female, there will be more or less problems in our bodies, especially if there are some problems in the kidneys of the body. If men have kidney problems, they will lead to sexual dysfunction, or
Normally, I can still do some yam salad if I suggest it. This not only preserves the medicinal properties of yam, but also is very refreshing. It is very delicious. After cooking the yam, it can be mixed with some fruits after cooling.
Yam can also be mixed with some meat, such as some chicken meat, you can cut the yam into pieces, then stew the chicken into it, add some fresh ingredients, after cooking for two hours, not only delicious, but also very
Yam can also be used to make some desserts, such as drawing yam, after cooking the yam, then adjusting our sweet silk, then mixing the yam, a simple ingredient will be made, this kind of dessert is very suitable for women.
Yam is a very nutritious and delicious food, but we should pay attention when dealing with yam. Its outer skin is toxic, so we must remember to bring gloves when going out.