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Beans food match

01 Onion tofu, spinach tofu shallots should not be mixed with tofu, spinach should not be cooked with tofu, because the oxalic acid in the shallot and spinach easily combines with the calcium in the tofu to form an insoluble calcium oxalate, which affects the body's absorption of calcium.
02 Tomatoes Cucumber Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, and the enzymes in cucumber destroy vitamin C. If they are eaten together, it is not conducive to the absorption of vitamin C.
03 Spinach Cucumber The content of vitamin C in spinach is quite high. If it is eaten with cucumber, it will destroy the body's absorption of vitamin C.
04 Cucumber Peanut Cucumber is a cold food. Peanut contains more oil. Cold food interacts with oil and can cause diarrhea.