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What behavior caused serious damage to the kidneys

01 There is a colleague who drinks water. This is the case. Sometimes I don’t go to the toilet once a day. It’s still very sensational. I’m saying, “I don’t have time to drink water!”, some people in the workplace work because
02 Only care about kidneys does not pay attention to kidney health. Although it is beneficial to the kidneys to a certain extent, the kidneys need not only supplements, but also need to discharge, and remove waste water to treat excess water. If the health of the kidneys is not guaranteed, it is only a tonic.
03 The diet is salty and the water is not easy to discharge. If the salt is eaten, the biggest problem is that the kidney burden is aggravated. If the burden of the kidney is increased, it will further cause the decline of kidney function. People are prone to aging. It is necessary to know that the sodium in the salt usually
04 Big fish and big meat, too much protein to eat too much protein food will also make the kidneys tired, it is because eating long-protein foods will increase the burden on the kidneys, and even cause kidney damage. So, when