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Tofu's nutritious and delicious 4 partner

01 With meat, protein is good for soy. It has the reputation of “plant meat”. It is the best protein in vegetable food. Tofu made with soybeans will not be bad. However, the protein and amino acid content in tofu
02 Add egg yolk, blood tofu, and make up more calcium. Just like eating calcium tablets, you need to add vitamin D. To eat calcium tofu, you must mix some vitamin D-rich foods. Because of the absorption and utilization of calcium,
03 Add kelp, seaweed, can supplement iodine tofu not only can supplement nutrition, but also have a certain therapeutic effect on prevention of arteriosclerosis. This is because tofu contains a substance called saponin, which can prevent the production of oxidized lipids causing arteriosclerosis.
04 The green vegetables and fungus are more nutritious, but the dietary fiber is lacking. Eating alone may cause constipation. The vegetables and fungus are rich in dietary fiber, which can make up for this shortcoming of tofu.