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How to eat nuts

Walnuts - Brain-building and Wisdom-building "Long Live Son". Bunnao and Jiannao are the first effects of walnut. In addition, the phospholipids contained in them can increase cell viability, enhance body resistance, and promote hematopoiesis and wound healing. In addition, walnut kernels also have antitussive and antiasthmatic effects. Recommendation: Walnuts can be eaten raw, can also be added to a proper amount of salt water, cooked to eat, and can be cooked with Coix seed, chestnuts and other porridge to eat. It should be eaten with a thin brown skin on the nuclear surface, because this part is also rich in nutrition. It can also be crushed and added to snacks. Walnut itself is warm and hot, so it is recommended to process with warm and cool food.
02 Peanuts - nutritious longevity fruit. Peanut is rich in lecithin and cerebrospin. It is an important substance needed by nervous system. It can delay the decline of brain function, prevent platelet aggregation and prevent cerebral thrombosis. Experiments show that peanuts can improve blood circulation, enhance memory and delay aging. In addition, peanut protein content as high as 30%, its nutritional value can be comparable to eggs, milk, lean meat, and easy to be absorbed by the human body. Peanut skin also has the effect of tonifying blood. Recommendation: Stew soup with soybeans, or put it in porridge or rice with lotus seeds. It's better not to fry with oil.
03 Almond - Cooling Nut with Clear Heart and Fire. Almond is a rare cold nut, eating more is not afraid of fire, in addition to brain tonic, it also has the effect of reducing breath, cough, asthma, bowel moistening and defecation. But Chinese medicine believes that almonds are toxic to some extent and should not be eaten more. Recommendation: Generally speaking, most of the almonds we can buy are in bags. If you don't like them, you can try chocolate with almonds. It can also be crushed and added to snacks and dishes. It can also be used as raw material for dishes or for porridge cooking. It is advisable to eat about 20 grains at a time.
04 Melon seeds --- a snack food suitable for all ages. Melon seeds are very nutritious, and they contain the best vitamins, proteins and oils. We often see sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds. More pumpkin seeds can prevent kidney stones; watermelon seeds Chinese medicine believes that sweet and cold nature, with lung, Runchang, hemostasis, stomach and other effects; sunflower seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids can play a role in reducing cholesterol. Recommendation: Most of them are fried or cooked. However, in the process of cooking, spices or seasonings can be added according to their own taste, such as Spiced melon seeds, butter, pepper and salt, etc.
05_Hawaiian Fruit - Queen of Foreign Dried Fruits. Hawaiian fruit is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and amino acids. Recommendation: Hawaiian fruits can be eaten fresh, but more often processed into salty or auxiliary dessert, can also be used as candy, chocolate and ice cream ingredients.