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What should we pay attention to when eating seafood?

01. Avoid arthritis. For patients with arthritis, we should try our best to avoid eating all kinds of seafood in normal life, such as crabs, shrimps can also be such common seafood can not be eaten. In addition, there are also sea cucumbers, sea fish, kelp, seafood and so on, these seafood for arthritis patients are not often edible, otherwise it is easy to cause a variety of non-symptoms. The reason why we can't eat more is that there are a lot of uric acid in all kinds of seafood products.
02 Avoid beer. Many people like to drink with beer when they eat seafood. It can be said that this is the habit of everyone. However, experts point out that beer can not be drunk at the same time when eating seafood. Otherwise, it is easy to produce too much uric acid, which can induce gout. Especially for some patients with gout, not only can not eat seafood with beer, or even can not eat more seafood, otherwise the symptoms of gout will be more obvious.
03 Avoid fruit. When eating seafood, many people also like to eat a variety of fruits, such as watermelon, strawberry, apple, grape and so on. These fruits are very beneficial to human health if they are usually eaten, but they are not suitable to be eaten with seafood. This is because there are a lot of non-rich protein in all kinds of seafood products, if at the same time excessive consumption of persimmon, grapes, seafood, pomegranate, hawthorn and other fruits, it will reduce the nutritional value of protein, leading to nutritional waste.