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Don't eat these foods on an empty stomach

01 Banana: Because banana contains more magnesium, when eaten on an empty stomach, it can suddenly increase magnesium in the human body, destroy the balance of calcium and magnesium in the human blood, and inhibit cardiovascular function, which is not conducive to health.
02 Garlic: Because garlic contains strong spicy allicin, eating garlic on an empty stomach will stimulate gastric mucosa and intestinal wall, cause gastrointestinal spasm, gastric colic, and affect gastrointestinal digestive function.
03 Tomatoes: Because of the rich pectin, persimmon acid and a variety of soluble astringent ingredients, if the stomach is empty, these ingredients are easy to react with gastric acid, forming hard mass which is difficult to dissolve, causing gastrointestinal distention, pain and other symptoms.
04 Citrus: It contains a lot of sugar and organic acid. Eating it on an empty stomach will increase gastric acid, make the spleen and stomach uncomfortable, belch acid, defeat the stomach, and make the gastrointestinal function disorder.
05_Frozen products: Many people like to drink a large number of frozen drinks after exercise or on an empty stomach. This will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate the heart, and cause sudden contractions of these organs. Over time, it can lead to endocrine disorders, female menstrual disorders and other diseases.
06 Sugar: British scientists have found that eating a lot of sugar on an empty stomach can increase blood sugar and cause hyperglycemia coma.