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How can I quickly gain weight?

01 1 Usually eat more meat and eggs with high protein content, and take some soy products properly, because the amount of protein contained in the bean products is very high, but don't forget the intake of some vegetables.
02 2 Excess protein intake can be converted into fat in the body. Once fat is accumulated, the effect of fattening will come out. At this time, pay attention to the usual sleep time, not too long, sleep too long, but will lose weight.
03 3 The amount of exercise should be moderate. Excessive amount of exercise will consume a lot of energy in the body, thus consuming the accumulated fat in the body. Therefore, if you do not give up the daily exercise, choose some activities that are soothing, for example, playing
04 Note that the sleep time should not be too long, and the amount of exercise should be moderate. Don't forget to take proper intake of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables while eating high-protein foods.