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Not everyone is fit for three dates a day

People with excessive phlegm and dampness are often characterized by thick and greasy tongue coating, sweet mouth or greasy mouth, loss of appetite, and usually feel full stomach. Severe patients will be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, eyelids and facial edema and other symptoms. The greasy nature of jujube is easy to moisturize, which makes it difficult to remove phlegm and dampness in the body, thus aggravating the above discomfort. This constitution is more suitable for people to eat Coix seed, red beans, yam, luffa and other Spleen-strengthening and damp food.
02 People who love fire are overheated. Constipation, bad breath, swollen throat and gums often appear as symptoms of burning, while jujube is sweet and warm in nature and tends to be warm and tonic. If eaten in large quantities, it is like pouring oil on the fire.
03. In the early stage of cold, the pathogens of wind-cold or wind-heat invading human body are flourishing. If jujube is eaten at this time, its sticky nature often leads to the retention of pathogens, resulting in the consequence of "staying behind behind the door", which makes it difficult to eliminate pathogens in the body and is not conducive to recovery.
04 Diabetic patients have more sugar content in jujube, which will increase blood sugar in diabetic patients and aggravate their condition. Therefore, people with high blood sugar should not eat more dates.