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Small remedies to get rid of bad breath

01 1 Lowering the liver fire, if it is because of the bad breath caused by the vigorous work, then you can usually eat some foods that reduce liver fire, eat more nourishing and moistening food, such as lily, pear, cucumber, radish, celery, kelp, etc.
02 2 Intestinal indigestion and constipation may also cause bad breath. You can eat hawthorn and dried tangerine peel to help the stomach to digest. You can also massage the abdomen before going to bed to help defecation. It can also remove bad breath.
03 3 Drinking yoghurt can also remove bad breath, because lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt have a certain inhibitory effect on hydrogen sulfide which causes bad breath, which can effectively remove bad breath.
04 Usually try to eat less big fish and other meat, because bad breath is often because eating too much greasy food, causing abnormal digestion of the stomach, causing bad breath.