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Interpret the Dietary Taboos of White Radish for You

01 White radish and carrot should not be boiled in combination with boiled white radish. The taste of carrot is slightly cool and the function is partial; the taste of carrot is slightly warm and the function is partial to supplement. Both of them contain many kinds of enzymes, especially when they are eaten raw or salted, they are easy to be decomposed and changed. When white radish and carrot are cooked together, vitamin C in white radish is often destroyed by the antihaemolytic enzyme in carrot, which greatly reduces the nutritional value.
02 Radish should be eaten with mustard, apple and other fruits and vegetables. If these vegetables are eaten at the same time for a long time, thiocyanate can be produced. Thiocyanate quickly converts to thiocyanate in human body. Thiocyanate is an anti-thyroid substance, which can inhibit thyroid function and cause goiter for a long time.
03 Radish can not be eaten with tonic food. It is not suitable to cook and eat with Dangshen and Ginseng tonic food. According to the principle of food disgust, the effect of radish on food stagnation will greatly reduce the effect of ginseng on tonifying qi. Therefore, people who want to tonify and nourish their bodies in winter should not eat both. 。