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Less than a month after birth, a newborn has a thrush and is not at risk.

01 1 baby thrush, care is very important, baby eating milk, mother must pay attention to the bottle nipple, often keep clean, but also timely disinfection, when disinfection can be boiled in hot water, and, if for the baby
02 2 baby thrush should also pay attention, the baby who eats milk, mother should pay attention to, diet nutrition to enhance physical fitness, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, but also pay attention to give your baby drink a little vitamin ad drops,
03 3 baby with thrush, mother must always feed the baby to drink water, mother should drink plenty of water, mother should eat more, rich, vitamins, and high protein food to increase the baby's immunity, mother also
04 Children with aphthous ulcers should pay attention to it, be sure to keep the mouth clean and clean. When mothers are breastfeeding, they must also remember to wash their hands frequently, and give the baby a change of mouth, but insist on it, because the treatment of thrush is very important, pay attention to diet.