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What foods are not suitable for insomnia

01 Ice cream just after bathing or before going to bed can make people feel extremely happy. However, ice cream is rich in butter and needs time to digest. The consequences of eating it will burden the stomach and intestines, making it harder for people to fall asleep. In addition, cold food can stimulate sympathetic nerves and interfere with sleep. So it's not good to eat ice cream at night.
02. It is necessary to control the rise of blood sugar in fruits at night in order to allow the body to rest. Fructose in fruit has a lower rise in blood sugar than that in pastries, so don't worry. However, hypothermia or excessive water intake can cause night wakefulness. Therefore, it is necessary to control eating fruit at night.
03_Oatmeal oatmeal is easy to use and nutritious, but it needs a certain time to digest. When the stomach digests food, it is in a state of excitement, which prevents it from falling asleep quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to control the consumption of starvation-resistant oats at night.
Chocolate chocolate contains theobromine, which has a calming effect. Although it has relaxing effect, it is not recommended to eat before bed. Because chocolate contains caffeine.
Celery and celery is a natural diuretic, which can increase the amount of urine. If you eat too much celery before bed, your body will wake you up for urination. Although celery can bring rich nutrition to the body, try not to eat it before going to bed.
Seven out of 10 people who ate candy bars or sugary junk food before going to bed had nightmares all night. It may be that high sugar levels cause more brain waves, leading to nightmares.
07 Oatmeal contains a lot of refined sugar and carbohydrates, which can cause blood sugar to soar, so it is not suitable for bedtime consumption.