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Oral care for the elderly

01 Keeping the mouth clean: the elderly should insist on brushing their teeth with warm water every morning and evening. It is more important to brush your teeth before going to sleep than to brush your teeth in the morning. In addition, you should rinse your mouth with water after three meals a day, and use the water to break your teeth as much as possible.
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03 Forced bite: Every time you urinate, the mouth full of teeth will forcefully bite, each must do without interruption. This can promote the new metabolism of the oral mucosa and the blood circulation of the gums, exercise the masticatory muscles, enhance the function of the teeth.
04 Drum rib mouth: Do one or two times every day to open the mouth and smash the mouth, and turn the tongue to the left and right, so that the secretion of saliva will increase, so that the tooth surface, teeth and oral mucosa will be washed and stimulated, which can make the mouth
05 Massage gums: Massage the gums in a certain direction with the thumb and forefinger for 10 minutes each time to promote blood circulation of the gums, alveolar and pulp, and prevent premature atrophy of the gums.
06 Correct chewing: The correct way to chew is to use the teeth on both sides alternately. If you use a single-sided tooth to chew, you don't need a physiological stimuli on one side, and the employment shrinkage of the tissue is easy to occur, while the side of the chew is too heavy.
07 Tea water mouthwash: After each meal, rinse the tea with tea, so that the tea can wash the teeth and the sides of the tongue in the mouth. This can remove tartar, improve the physiological functions of the oral rim muscle and oral mucosa, and enhance the acid and antiseptic ability of the teeth.
08 Dietary teeth: eggs, fruits, vegetables, pork ribs soup, etc., rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, etc., often eat good and hard teeth. The body lacks protein intake, susceptible to caries.