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How to do long-term toothache

01 1 As the saying goes, \"Toothache is not a disease, it hurts to be terrible.\" Toothache must be treated. Toothache is a manifestation of dental disease. First, we have to go to the hospital for a lower oral examination. The diagnosis of toothache is a problem with the teeth.
02 2 During the treatment, we should pay attention to personal oral hygiene. Brush each tooth once in the morning and evening. If you have children, you should eat less sugar to prevent tooth decay. In normal times, we can chew some chewing gum to protect our teeth.
03 3 Patients with other toothaches should also pay attention to their diet. They should not eat spicy and irritating foods and reduce the number of toothache attacks. After we have three meals a day, we should not eat at least in the middle of the night to keep the mouth clean and avoid the nighttime oral cavity.
04 1. Patients with toothache pay attention to personal oral hygiene, brush each tooth in the morning and evening. 2. Pay attention to personal diet, avoid spicy, irritating food.