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Caution of oral ulcer by eating hot pot frequently in winter

01 Hotpot's high temperature and acrimony will cause irritation to oral mucosa and mucosal damage. If hotpot is eaten too frequently, it will cause oral diseases. Every winter, patients come to the hospital for serious oral ulcer. The doctor introduced that the oral diseases caused by eating hot pot were mainly related to oral mucosa. Oral mucosa generally can only tolerate 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. The temperature of hot pot soup is generally around 100 C. Some citizens like to eat it while it's cooked. It's easy to burn wound cavity and tongue and damage oral mucosa. Once the oral mucosa is damaged, it is easy to cause oral ulcer and other oral diseases.
02 If the hot pot is found to be red and swollen, ulcers and other problems in the mouth, we should take some anti-inflammatory drugs, gargle with mouthwash, diet should be light, eat soft food. In addition, when the oral situation has not improved, it is better not to eat hot pot and other irritating food. If they have gingivitis and periodontitis, it is better to eat less hot pot.