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How to avoid excessive acid in stomach

01 taboo: frozen and overheated diet. Dietary temperature is moderate, tea and soup should not be overheated.
02 taboo: eat a lot of MSG, hot and sour and salty food. Diet is mainly light, heavy taste will stimulate gastric acid secretion, a small amount of ginger and pepper, can warm the stomach and enhance the protection of gastric mucosa.
03 taboo: eat too much meat, too much oil and fried food. Eating is mainly digestible food, meat should be cooked, vegetables should not be half-life.
Taboo: Drinking alcohol and coffee. Especially when alcohol stimulates the stomach too much, it will worsen the ulcer.
05 taboo: diet without moderation. Eat less and more meals to avoid hunger and pain. If it hurts, eat one or two soda biscuits.