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How do students get depression?

01 1 First of all, we must establish confidence, be self-confident, don't lose confidence because you didn't test well once, and say it to yourself when you haven't tested well. I will be more serious than last time. I will be able to do it next time.
02 2 Try to go out, don't stay at home, so as not to make the mood lower, aggravate the condition; usually arrange some happy and joyful things, and put happy activities on the agenda. For example, chatting with friends, participating in picnics, entertainment activities, watching movies
03 3 In your daily life, keep an optimistic mood at all times. When you encounter setbacks and disobedience in your studies, adjust your mindset in time. Don't let this bad mood plague yourself for too long; when you are depressed, you should
04 Write your own feelings, then analyze, recognize it, which are negative, belong to the performance of depression, and then find a way to get rid of it.