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Boiled beef with potatoes.

01 "Reason" for roast beef with potatoes: It leads to gastrointestinal dysfunction - the difference of gastric acid concentration between potatoes and beef when they are digested is bound to prolong the retention time of food in the stomach, thus causing the prolongation of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption time. Over time, it will inevitably lead to gastrointestinal disorders.
02 This statement is not credible! Normally, after eating, all the food ingredients will be in the stomach contraction, grinding, mixing with gastric juice to form chyme, and then gradually promoted to the intestine. If the food ingredients are totally sugar, gastric emptying takes 2 hours, protein 3-4 hours, fat 5-6 hours, and mixed food 4-5 hours. Potato roast beef is just a mixture of carbohydrates, protein and fat. It belongs to a mixed food like rice, vegetables and fish. It needs to be emptied for a certain time, which is within the normal working capacity of our stomach and will not affect gastrointestinal absorption as mentioned above.