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What to do when you feel depressed during your vacation?

01 1 nest at home. The home is the harbor of our souls. During the holiday period, we don't like to move around. Some of the more lazy MMs are still motionless. In fact, this is not good. You can move around at home.
02 2 With friends. During the vacation, my heart is depressed. It is inexplicable. No one can explain why this is a good reason. If you are with friends, you will have a tendency to change your mood a little.
03 3 Sleeping. During sleep, the cerebral cortex is very relaxed. During sleep, you will forget all the unhappy things, so you can use this method when you feel extremely depressed during the holiday and feel overwhelmed. I often use this method.
04 If you don't want to be depressed, you can use the method I teach you!